Patchworkowa torba na ramię z bezpłatnym wzorem Fine Craft Guild bags This might Be the Last Batch of celebrity Bag content for Awhile…

This might Be the Last Batch of celebrity Bag content for Awhile…

Every day, the news gets crazier and crazier. Bars and restaurants in your neck of the woods may be shuttering soon, and you may already be trapped at home with your kids while you wait out school closures. but as long as celebrities feel comfortable venturing out into the open, I’m still here, blogging about it from the comfort of my home office. In these trying times, I remember why I have always loved celebrity news. When you feel you have little agency over your own life, it’s fantastic to have someone else’s drama to fixate on! celebrity news got me through my teen years, and it will certainly help float us all through the next few weeks. stay safe, my friends, and practice social distancing!

Mandy Moore
Here’s Mandy Moore, reaching her hotel in nyc carrying a frame Les seconds Tote. Mandy is out promoting her new single, “When I wasn’t watching.”

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Nicky Hilton
Nicky Hilton was found doing laps around new York City carrying an Hermès Kelly and wearing a very cozy-looking teddy bear coat.

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Gemma Collins
The only way is Essex star Gemma Collins was found shopping on Sloane street in London with this Louis Vuitton petite Boîte Chapeau. According to UK gossip rags, she was purchasing toilet paper and wine. very relatable!

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Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner was seen carrying this Louis Vuitton Eva grasp around LA recently. It seems like a good sub-in for the Pochette, which, in theory, is being retired.

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Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara showed up for another day of filming America’s got talent in Los Angeles with a luxe Chanel top deal with Flap Bag. Are they still filming that in front of a live audience? I have a feeling that may change soon.

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Padma Lakshmi
It’s been a while because we caught up with Padma Lakshmi, but update: She still has great bags! here she is leaving Today wearing a Chloé Marcie Saddle Bag.

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Camila Morrone
Here’s Camila Morrone, taking sweetheart Leonardo DiCaprio for a stroll around Manhattan’s east Village. She’s carrying a Chanel Coco Bag. Something about Leo’s enduring love affair with a chick who completely forces him to ‘gram for her gives me hope best now, for reasons I can’t really explain. I think I just want everyone to be happy!

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Bella Hadid
If you’re not already out panic-buying or you’re late to the game, I have good news: Your local fresh produce section is likely still fully stocked! Quasi-related: Here’s Bella Hadid, leaving her house and heading to the airport in new York City carrying a Louis Vuitton Cerises Keepall accented with a Fendi Banana logo Charm!

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